Film and photography studio.

Spearhead Whisky.

Brand Launch

We were approached by Spearhead Whisky to help bring their new brand to life. Using the assets and guidelines brought together by fellow creatives at Leith Agency, we helped launch an exciting, unique and gamechanging whisky brand. Product photography for the site was also completed alongside a host of social media assets including photo and video.


In aiming to build a website that would let the beauty of the new brand and its story do the talking, we quickly established that high quality photography would be a crucial element that needed to take centre stage. This photography would also be used to launch the brand across Spearhead social media channels.


After the production of the video and photography, it was time to begin work on the the creation of a new website. Our job was to work out how we could streamline the user journey while ensuring the new site had the best possible UI/UX in place from day one. Using Loch Lomond Group’s existing Shopify platform it was important to design the website with e-commerce in mind, whilst also maintaining the ability for the digital team to expand on the site themselves, while maintaining an intuitive user experience.

During initial conversations with the Spearhead team and LLG e-com team it was established early on that the majority of existing traffic to the site came through mobile users. With that in mind it was important that we designed this site mobile first.

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