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Spearhead Whisky.

World Cocktail Day

Single light photography shot for Spearhead Whisky recently at the stunning Devil of Brooklyn in Glasgow’s city centre to mark the launch of some new cocktails and the celebration of World Cocktail Day.

Ready for something a little different? Spearhead is a single grain, 100% malted barley whisky. Distilled in a coffey still and finished in infrared toasted barrels, it can be perfectly paired with your favourite mixer. As they say, change is good…​

We don’t believe in the binary decision between following or breaking rules. We believe there’s a third choice: writing your own as you go.


Tradition, heritage and time-honoured practices can produce the world’s finest whiskies. Fact. But for every rule that must be obeyed and every statute that must be honoured you lose an ounce of originality and a spark of free spirit. Imagine what the forefathers and foremothers of whisky could have done with all the modern wonders of the spirits world!


We’re truly grateful to conventional scotch for giving us our starting point. But we see it as just that, a starting point. With spearhead, we chose to take a new path. One that involves a cooperage in kentucky, who help us select custom toast levels for our infrared toasted barrels. Toast levels that are set to a profile which extract properties in the wood to give sweet notes. Notes that are near impossible to come by with traditional toasting.


As for the result? Let the tasting do the talking. We couldn’t be happier with our end product. And we’re sure you’ll agree.

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