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Mia Baker.

Ben Lomond Gin - Adventurous Spirit

Photo and video campaign for our Adventurous Spirit series with Ben Lomond Gin featuring popular golf content creator, Mia Baker. 

Adventurous Spirit.

Mia Baker is a golf content creator who embraces the continuous challenge of the game of golf. Her journey is an inspiring one to every aspiring golfer, from falling in love with the game, to the determination to keep on improving – and help more young women get into golf too.

She realised the power of community and connected networks in inspiring other young women to play, and by sharing her story, her experiences and creating platforms for people to be heard, she’s given countless women the confidence to gain greater access and enjoy golf.

One of Mia’s strongest beliefs is that golf should be all-inclusive. It’s a sport that she cares passionately about and for her, that means taking it to as wide an audience as possible. She wants everyone to play and have fun, and discover that golf is the game for life.

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