Film and photography studio.

Fusion Skateboards.

Craig Black

We were approached by Craig Black to help bring his range of Fusion Skateboards to life through a bank of photography. We aimed to utilise the contrast between the plain white canvas and the bright, vibrant colours to bring the shots to life in this urban brutalist environment. The use of strobe lighting to create another external dynamic worked really well in dramitising the bank of images.

Art Installation

In collaboration with Pebeo, one of the leading mixed media art suppliers in Europe, Craig had the opportunity to create these unique Acrylic Fusion skateboards using the Pebeo acrylic paint range.


“The thrill of skateboarding and the joy of playing tic-tac-toe with my daughter Olivia fuelled my inspiration to merge these two elements together to create bespoke artworks. Using the skateboard deck as a canvas and combining laser-cut plywood X and O’s to reflect tic-tac-toe, these acrylic fusion skateboards were a treat to create.” – Craig Black

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